My husband and I were mowing and edging the yard last night. Two noisy power tools in our hands, we were "getting it done," as we like to say. It was late and we were hurrying so we could eat dinner before 9 PM.

I was edging the driveway, pleased with the tight edge I was getting as I cut through the scraggly overgrowth of grass growing like a weed due to our recent rains.

All of a sudden, out of a little crevice next to the driveway, the tiniest of baby bunnies hopped out of my way.

I gasped and stopped the motor.

I felt a pang of fear/sadness/pity in my heart and dropped to my knees to try to help.

The bunny, who appeared confused, scared and so new to the world, scooted under my husband's truck in an attempt to hide from me and my noisy, scary yard implement.

I knew I shouldn't touch it. I knew that.

However, that bunny all of a sudden represented every sad image I had seen recently of lost and neglected beings in our world.

Deep in my sub-conscious, all of the pain and fear and sadness I had been feeling about dead babies in Gaza, weeping parents of Israeli hostages, starving children in Haiti and new amputees in Ukraine, were focused somehow on that little bunny.

I needed to help.

So, after several gentle attempts, I finally caught her and cuddled her right up to my chest.

I whispered in her shaking ear, "It's ok, sweetheart. I am safe. I am good. You are ok. I got you. You are gonna' be ok. I am going to nestle you in the garden so your mama can find you."

Friends, my heart almost burst open with concern for this little creature. My face was pained, my heart was racing, I was trying to think of every way I could make this all turn out right for her. I was talking to her, I was talking to myself, I was trying to think of who I could call who could fix the travesty of a motherless bunny.

I set her down amidst the prairie grasses and whispered to the wind, "Hey mama bunny. Your baby is ok. I am your friend. It's time to come find her."

By now, tears were streaming down my cheeks and I realized what had just happened was about WAY more than this tiny creature.

It was about all the tiny creatures in this world who are lost and alone and scared and starving and can't find their moms.

There was something symbolic and powerful for me -- I, who feel so helpless against the cruelty of the world -- in picking that little girl up, cuddling her close to me and whispering words of courage and hope.

It was as if I was doing the same for every wounded soul I could think of. And -- even though I knew otherwise -- it made me feel, for one shining moment -- like I was part of the healing of it all.

God, please, I beg you, may that bunny be safe today, nestled in her real mama's paws. And God, you who notice the death of even a simple sparrow, please, please bring an end to war and suffering, especially for the littlest and most helpless among us. May we all find our mamas. AMEN.