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Mama Bears ...

To all my mamas of LGBTQ+ kids (big or little): You are fierce. You (most likely) have been through fire. You love your child with ferocity. You are my heroes. I have sat with you as you weep not for who your child is, but for fear of what the world might do or say […]

These are the men ...

These are the men … The men who are over the moon to become fathers to little girls. Who play rough and tumble, but also hold close. Who teach their girls to be brave, as well as beautiful. To be courageous, as well as gentle. To be assertive and kind. These are the men who […]

One thing I know ...

I don't often make religious claims with absolute certainty. Not my style. But I am gonna' do it right here, right now. After studying the life of Jesus in the Gospels for the last 40 years, I can state with absolute certainty that Jesus would never, ever, ever, single out transgender children, or their parents, […]

Forgive each other

#1 on my Top 10 List is ... Forgive each other. If there is one thing that can save family relationships, hold marriages together, heal old wounds and protect new wounds from festering it is the simple, yet costly act of forgiveness. I love how Jesus puts it when his followers ask him how to […]

The Christmas mom swore a little ...

Ok, one last little bit of hard-earned wisdom about the power of laughter in the parent-adult child system, especially around the volatile holiday season. One Christmas I ruined everything by trying too hard. WAY too hard … My daughter was bringing home a new boyfriend. My brother and his family were coming for Christmas Eve […]


Getting to the end of this little blog journey through my Top 10 List for Parents of Adult Children … Point #2 is Laugh. Simple, right? Not so simple from my experience … One of the very first things to go when parents and adult kids start to tangle is our sense of humor. Rather […]

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