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Deep winter ...

... is the perfect time to rest. Time to read a novel that demands our full attention. Time to follow the lead of mother nature, to bury ourselves under the thickest of blankets, to hunker down, as my mom likes to say; a hibernation of sorts. Time to linger long around the dinner table, candles […]

A very belated Christmas thought ...

A year ago, after a somewhat rocky Christmas Eve, I woke at 4 AM and wrote this essay to read to my family before we ate monkey bread and frittata and drank some mimosas. I read it again this year before our traditional Christmas morning repast and it seemed to resonate with my people. I […]

Praying the Psalms ...

"In prayer we intend to leave the world of anxieties and enter a world of wonder. We decide to leave an ego-centered world and enter a God-centered world. We will to leave a world of problems and enter a world of mystery. But it is not easy. We are used to anxieties, egos, and problems; […]

Saturday selects ...

A brief thought or poem for the weekend, friends ... "There must be someone to live through it all and bear witness to the fact that God lived, even in these times." (Etty Hillesum, Diaries - Murdered in 1943 in Auschwitz)

Fear ...

"When fear, rather than love, compels us, we do really terrible things to other people." (Shane Claiborne) Think about our world right now. Doesn't fear feel like the primary emotion in the atmosphere? Fear + hatred. With these as the driving forces, really terrible things are being done. Everywhere we look. Fear + hatred = […]

Let the darkness descend ...

We changed the clocks this weekend; fell back. It is dark by 5 PM. And so, we have a decision to make, don't we?* Do we rail against the early dark? Or, do we settle in to a new season? I am gonna' choose the latter. I love the dark, the neighborhood quiet, house lights […]

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alice at dawn alice shirey blog
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