I was a teaching pastor for 20+ years at Orchard Hill Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa. For years and years I had no idea what to do with my life and with my strange little pile of gifts, talents and passions. Then God, in his goodness, revealed this unasked-for teaching gift and I have been honored and blessed ever since to call the pulpit (well, it is just a music stand!) at Orchard Hill my home.

Equally important to know is that I am a wife, a mom, and a friend to many amazing people. Chuck is my husband of 30+ years. Hannah, Tracy and Will are my amazing grown kids. Stella is my chocolate lab. I love these people (and one dog) more than life itself! Each one, in their own unique way, makes me who I am.

You will quickly learn that I love reading about God and faith and the world. I love a good quote! I enjoy a well-turned phrase or a way to express an idea that is so simple and real that it takes my breath away. I love reminding people of grace. I love reminding people to stop taking themselves so seriously. I love reminding people to take God seriously. I love reminding people that God doesn't take us as seriously as we take ourselves. I love reminding people to love.

Hope you'll start your morning with me!