It's allergy season in Iowa and my husband is suffering. Sneezy, red, watery eyes, head stuffed. It's rough.

So rough that we decided -- for everyone's sake -- he should sleep in our guest room for a bit.

Usually this means I don't have to use the white noise machine placed perfectly on my bedside table to block out any (ahem!) outside noises.

So, I settled in last night ready for the joy of complete silence. It was beautiful out, so I had windows wide open. The late spring breeze was lulling me to sleep.

Then, I heard a noise.

The faintest sound of snoring, or at least somewhat noisy breathing. It was quiet, but definitely noticeable. Rhythmic in nature; the kind of noise that my sensitive ears pick up and my sensitive brain fixates on.

How is this happening? Who is disturbing my peace????

I got up. Tiptoed to the window near the bed from where the noise seemed to be emanating.

And smiled. I found the culprit.

We have a large window box right next to our bedroom windows, literally right next to the head of our bed. It's old, too far up to water and basically empty, save for a few grapevines that wrap themselves around it every summer.

And in that old box a sweet squirrel couple had built their nest.

And in that nest were some squirrels.

And those squirrels were sleeping ... and snoring!

My little bedfellows, I thought!

I laughed, turned my white noise machine on and fell asleep, a big grin on my face.

Who gets to sleep with squirrels?

What a lucky lady.

Photo by Caleb Martin on Unsplash