I just finished reading an Arthur Brooks column in the Atlantic. Gorgeous words.

Here is a little excerpt I want to share with you:

You will notice that all of the modern untruths I’ve identified have one big thing in common: They say you should focus on yourself—your future, your career, your discomfort, your truth. All moral teaching aside, how boring is that? I can think of no better way to miss the awesome majesty of life than to focus egotistically on a psychodrama in which you are the star.

Happy people can zoom out to see and fully enjoy the world around them. But that means standing up to the lie that you are the center of things. That is the essence of humility and a great secret to happiness. We could add one more affirmation to complete the list above: I will focus today on the miraculous world outside myself.

(Arthur Brooks)

Will you follow his lead today?

Stop assuming you are the star of the drama.

Zoom out! See, and choose to fully enjoy, as best you can, the world around you.

Stand up to the lie (I see you social media) that you are the center of things.

Focus on the miraculous world outside your own self today.

Happiness might just find you there.