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God is not anxious about your kids

If I start to become a safe person for my young adult kids to talk to about faith … we may end up having some really great conversations, especially if I do more listening than talking. Especially if I ask curious, friendly, open-ended questions and then shut my mouth and open my ears. But what […]

What if we were safe about faith?

How can parents create a safe place for adult kids to talk about faith? First of all, I have learned anything I think I know the hard way. 🙂 Second of all, we all need to relax! God loves our children and understands that faith development is a journey often filled with winding roads, dangerous […]

Be safe about faith

Ok, here's a doozy ... In my Top 10 List for Parents of Adult Children, point #4 is ... Be safe about faith. In Christian homes, for some reason, this topic is especially prickly. Many of us love having little kiddos, who skip happily to church, sing little ditties of the faith, love learning about […]

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alice at dawn alice shirey blog
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