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Don't miss your life ...

On the third day of walking the Camino I had a painful realization. I wanted to go back and start over. I had been so anxious, nervous, excited, uncertain as we started walking that very first day that I did not settle down enough to actually pay attention. I was overwhelmed with the beauty. I […]

Always learning ...

The third day of the Camino I noticed the ferns. They were everywhere; growing - almost impossibly - out of the side of ancient stone walls. Ferns at every stage - baby ferns, newly unfurled ferns, old and established ferns, and even dry, brown ferns at the end of life. It was the baby ferns […]

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alice at dawn alice shirey blog
Welcome to Alice at Dawn. My short posts are meant to be regular reminders to keep walking, to keep living, to continue to listen to the voice deep within your spirit that whispers ... this is the way. Walk in it.

Please join us, and invite others ... You are very, very welcome here.


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