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Faces ...

I indulged in a facial last week. Pure delight. I was struck by how gently and tenderly my aesthetician treated my face. Such light touches, Such gentle strokes. It almost brought me to tears. Weird, right? Think about it, though - our faces do such majestic work all day, every day. They are how we […]

We are beauty sick ...

A really important repost: A friend of mine from my days at Northwestern University (thanks, Mary!) suggested I look into the research of a current psychology professor at our Alma Mater. Dr. Renee Engeln wrote a book called Beauty Sick: How the Cultural Obsession with Appearance Hurts Girls and Women. I cannot recommend it more highly. […]

Don't miss your life ...

On the third day of walking the Camino I had a painful realization. I wanted to go back and start over. I had been so anxious, nervous, excited, uncertain as we started walking that very first day that I did not settle down enough to actually pay attention. I was overwhelmed with the beauty. I […]

Always learning ...

The third day of the Camino I noticed the ferns. They were everywhere; growing - almost impossibly - out of the side of ancient stone walls. Ferns at every stage - baby ferns, newly unfurled ferns, old and established ferns, and even dry, brown ferns at the end of life. It was the baby ferns […]

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alice at dawn alice shirey blog
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