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Our incessant aching

"We are infinite souls inside finite lives and that alone should be enough to explain our incessant and insatiable aching." Ronald Rolheiser This is why I - and many of you - have a proclivity toward melancholy. This is the sadness that lives deep down in our souls; that we feel in our bellies. This […]

A proclivity toward melancholy

Hi. I'm Alice and I have a proclivity toward melancholy. And as the days grow short and the cold settles in, I almost revel in this proclivity. I spend more time in my flannel pj's, candles lit, soft music playing, cozy socks on my feet and deep books about waiting and suffering and well, melancholy, […]

Forgive each other

#1 on my Top 10 List is ... Forgive each other. If there is one thing that can save family relationships, hold marriages together, heal old wounds and protect new wounds from festering it is the simple, yet costly act of forgiveness. I love how Jesus puts it when his followers ask him how to […]

Don't take it so personally

Point #5 in my Top 10 List for Parenting Young Adults is: Don't take it personally … These were the exact words of my daughter during our conversation about what young adults wish their parents knew: "Parents should not react to our decisions about how we choose to live as if they are a personal […]

Boundaries are ...

Back to point #6 in my Top 10 List for Parents of Adult Children - Have healthy boundaries! As parents and kids navigate the turbulent waters of kiddos becoming adults and parents of kiddos becoming parents of adults, the concept of developing healthy boundaries is right at the top of my "what keeps relationships healthy" […]

Let's talk boundaries!

Moving on to point #6 in my Top 10 List for Parents of Adult Kids: Have healthy boundaries. Let me first say a word about what boundaries are NOT. Boundaries are NOT an excuse for choosing never to see your kids again; for cutting them out of your life. Boundaries are NOT an excuse for […]

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