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Jesus broke the rules ...

In recent months as I worked to solidify my understanding of God's heart toward those in our society who are marginalized, oppressed and demonized by the church, I turned - of course - to the Gospels, the biographies of Jesus' life and teachings. These writings are, allegedly, the centerpiece of Christian understanding about how we […]

If we started protesting ...

Something I find myself pondering these days: Self-righteousness, in a group of people who claim to believe that the Scripture is correct when it says "There is no one righteous; not one …" is an especially ugly trait. Particularly to a watching world … It was actually one of the few sins Jesus seemed to […]

There is no one ...

In the Old Testament, a trio of people are often cited as deserving special protections from God and God’s people - The fatherless, the widow, the orphan. Often, the foreigner is added to this list. God knew certain people were at risk in the society of the Old Testament, at risk to be marginalized, neglected, […]

The Bible is not an instruction manual!

So often we are told to think of the Bible as some kind of instruction manual. I believe that description belittles the majesty of Scripture. It also belittles the difficulty most of us have when reading the Bible. Don't get me wrong: there are commands in there. But an instruction manual? Leviticus? Daniel? Revelation? One […]

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