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Please come ...

Have you ever asked any of these questions: Can I be a Christian and affirming of my LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors? Can I love my gay child and still go to church? I'm gay - What does God think about me? Where does most homophobia originate? What specific Bible verses do people use to "clobber" […]

Unclobber thyself ...

When I was pondering whether or not to officiate a same-sex wedding that I knew would cost me my position at my church, I read every book I could on the topic. I focused on authors and pastors and scholars who did the biblical, sociological, psychological, cultural, anthropologic work. I was not interested in mere […]

Curiosity ...

When I resigned from my job over a year ago, one thing that struck me was how few people were curious about my process, my learning, my sense of conviction that led to my resignation. It was a rare person who asked me a question that stemmed from a desire to understand me. What have […]

I wonder sometimes ...

I wonder sometimes if money spent on weapons of war was instead spent on feeding and educating the whole world, or digging wells for every village, or providing healthcare for every man, woman and child, or putting a roof over every beloved head, might that change things? I wonder if every missile, or tank, or […]

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alice at dawn alice shirey blog
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