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Faces ...

I indulged in a facial last week. Pure delight. I was struck by how gently and tenderly my aesthetician treated my face. Such light touches, Such gentle strokes. It almost brought me to tears. Weird, right? Think about it, though - our faces do such majestic work all day, every day. They are how we […]

These are the men #2 ...

These are the men ... colleagues and friends, who see women as teammates, equals and partners in the world. These are the men who never take credit for her ideas, who always ask her opinion, who happily get the coffee, take the notes or bring snacks to the meeting. These are the men who tell […]

These are the men ...

These are the men … The men who are over the moon to become fathers to little girls. Who play rough and tumble, but also hold close. Who teach their girls to be brave, as well as beautiful. To be courageous, as well as gentle. To be assertive and kind. These are the men who […]

Telling the truth ...

“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open." (Muriel Rukeyser) I was a teaching pastor at a wonderful church. I am also a woman. This brought with it a multitude of potential land mines, one of which had to do with what I wore when I […]

Our bodies are spiritual ...

And ... another repost: Apparently some of my writing about giving up beauty sickness is hitting a nerve. I have been hearing from women who tell me the concept of beauty sickness describes their experience exactly. All the attention on the female body. All the time, effort and energy directed toward looking a certain way. […]

Live in a state of creative maladjustment

Isn't it wonderful how the spoken words of other human beings spark new ideas in us? Even if the spoken words were uttered decades ago? And in completely different contexts? I came across a phrase recently spoken by Martin Luther King, Jr. at a 1958 speech he gave at the University of California, Berkeley. King […]

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alice at dawn alice shirey blog
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