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The dualistic mind ...

One of my deepest struggles with evangelical Christianity is the dualism through which this version of faith views people. In or Out. Good or Bad. Saint or Sinner. Christian or non-Christian. Believer or non-believer. Heaven or Hell. These distinctions just don't hold water for me, especially because they are often used to label and to […]

Exclusion ...

The only thing Jesus excluded was exclusion itself. (Richard Rohr) Oh Christian friends, when will we understand this to be true? When will we stop creating our own little tables and thinking that we are in charge of the guest list? When will we stop with all our dualistic thinking that leaves some "in" - […]

Jesus broke the rules ...

In recent months as I worked to solidify my understanding of God's heart toward those in our society who are marginalized, oppressed and demonized by the church, I turned - of course - to the Gospels, the biographies of Jesus' life and teachings. These writings are, allegedly, the centerpiece of Christian understanding about how we […]

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