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Get outside your circle ...

In order to challenge our assumptions about other human beings, especially those different from us, we have to get outside our circle. We have to decide - and it will take a decision - to place ourselves, humbly and gently, in circles of people who are different from us. And when we do ... let's […]

There is no one ...

In the Old Testament, a trio of people are often cited as deserving special protections from God and God’s people - The fatherless, the widow, the orphan. Often, the foreigner is added to this list. God knew certain people were at risk in the society of the Old Testament, at risk to be marginalized, neglected, […]

The outrage is just bunk ...

Such important reading this morning in Fleming Rutledge's brilliant book on the Crucifixion of Christ. In it, she writes: … in our world, something is terribly wrong and must be put right. If, when we see an injustice, our blood does not boil at some point, we have not yet understood the depths of God. […]

Love the stranger ...

I've been thinking a lot lately about how people who follow Jesus are called to treat the stranger in our midst, … immigrants, … refugees, ... friends in the LGBTQ+ community, people who look and think and act different than us. The political language around this concept can be downright frightening. And it is easy […]

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alice at dawn alice shirey blog
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