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Praying the Psalms ...

When I don't have words to pray, I turn to the Psalms. Though the ancient words don't always hit home, and though King David's requests that his mortal enemies be smashed to bits don't feel very Christlike to me, the poetry strikes a chord in my soul. And there are moments when a section or […]

One reason I exist on this earth ...

There are moments in life when a person realizes that what they are experiencing might just be one of the reasons they exist on this earth. This day was one of those moments for me.

Saturday selects ...

A brief thought or poem for the weekend, friends ... We're only here for a minute. We're here for a little window. And to use that time to catch and share shards of light and laughter and grace seems to me the great story. (Brian Doyle, 1956-2017)

A day set aside for gratitude ...

Oh let's take a day, shall we? Yes, the world is aflame with hate and war and greed and devastation. We acknowledge this, we look at it straight on and our hearts break. We lift up our hands to you, God, and we pray the only prayer that makes any sense in these times: "Help! […]

Summer's boisterous encore ...

I bought the aster plants one year not quite knowing what they were. They bloomed late in the season, bright purple and tall. A last-minute stunner. Every year they have grown more profuse, often making surprise appearances in other garden beds far from their original home outside our kitchen window. As summer loses its grip, […]

Honesty ...

I have had some very honest conversations with a few dear friends recently. These conversations are game-changers. Not because there is any advice offered. No quick-fix suggestions. No "I used to struggle with the same thing, but then I found a perfect answer" nonsense. Nope. Just deep listening. Gentle curiosity. Simple questions asked only for […]

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