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What if we stopped?

Imagine the power for good that could be released into this bruised and broken world if women stopped obsessing about our bodies, and focused all that energy, instead, on living big, wild, free, courageous lives. Imagine the energy that could be harnessed for world-changing. Imagine a world full of women unleashed, unhooked from body shame. Imagine what we […]

Misspent time ...

"Whatever one frequently ponders becomes the inclination of the mind."  (The Buddha) Buddha's statement sums up the essence of why I am on a quest to give up "beauty sickness." If my mind is constantly pondering how I look, what I weigh, how my body compares to other bodies, these will become the topics my […]

We are beauty sick ...

A really important repost: A friend of mine from my days at Northwestern University (thanks, Mary!) suggested I look into the research of a current psychology professor at our Alma Mater. Dr. Renee Engeln wrote a book called Beauty Sick: How the Cultural Obsession with Appearance Hurts Girls and Women. I cannot recommend it more highly. […]

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