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The weariness of constant improvement ...

I conquered entropy last week and jump-started my old routine of rising before dawn and hitting a 5:45 AM spin class at our local gym. Kudos, right? Afterward, I took some time to stretch and strengthen my freshly battered muscles and I saw that someone had written a supposed-to-be-inspirational statement on a chalkboard in the […]

Remain amazed ...

The hard part Is to find yourself at home with where and what you are And still remain amazed. (John Koethe, "Beyond Belief") We live in a trance so much of the time, don't we? Here, but not here. Restless, never really at home. We carry around a vague sense of unhappiness with who we […]

Did you get what you wanted from this life?

Whenever I feel like my life does not measure up (whatever that means), or that I need to somehow "do more" (whatever that means), I find myself leaning into this little poem, and feeling better: "And did you get what you wanted from this life, even so? I did. And what did you want? To […]

To be wise ...

My favorite Presbyterian pastor (aside from my grandpa and my uncle and my aunt) said: "To be wise is to be eternally curious." (Frederich Buechner, 1926-2022) Oh could this world use more wise people ... Have you ever been around someone who is eternally curious in the best of ways? Pure delight ...

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