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Travel changes us ...

My oldest daughter was studying overseas in Rabat, Morocco. We flew over to visit. I had never been to a primarily Muslim country. It felt strange and beautiful. One afternoon we walked through the city to meet our daughter for lunch. For the second time that day, the call to prayer rose up from the […]

The dualistic mind ...

One of my deepest struggles with evangelical Christianity is the dualism through which this version of faith views people. In or Out. Good or Bad. Saint or Sinner. Christian or non-Christian. Believer or non-believer. Heaven or Hell. These distinctions just don't hold water for me, especially because they are often used to label and to […]

Exclusion ...

The only thing Jesus excluded was exclusion itself. (Richard Rohr) Oh Christian friends, when will we understand this to be true? When will we stop creating our own little tables and thinking that we are in charge of the guest list? When will we stop with all our dualistic thinking that leaves some "in" - […]

These are the men #2 ...

These are the men ... colleagues and friends, who see women as teammates, equals and partners in the world. These are the men who never take credit for her ideas, who always ask her opinion, who happily get the coffee, take the notes or bring snacks to the meeting. These are the men who tell […]

One thing I know ...

I don't often make religious claims with absolute certainty. Not my style. But I am gonna' do it right here, right now. After studying the life of Jesus in the Gospels for the last 40 years, I can state with absolute certainty that Jesus would never, ever, ever, single out transgender children, or their parents, […]

Why I left ...

I recently resigned after 23 years of teaching and preaching at Orchard Hill Church. I have been fielding questions about my departure. The most common being, Why? The simple answer to that question is this: I have a theological difference with our senior leadership team and our Board of elders. My understanding of Jesus and […]

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alice at dawn alice shirey blog
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