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Why Unclobber?

Almost two years ago when a couple young friends asked me to officiate their wedding, I knew it was time for me to do some serious work. I needed to lean into the experience and knowledge of those who had gone before me, who had paved the way, who had done the work, who understood […]

What is love?

I adore the late Eugene Peterson's riff on love from his book of sermons: Love is the most context-specific act in the entire spectrum of human behavior. There is no other single human act more dependent on and immersed in immediate context. A dictionary is worthless in understanding and practicing love. Acts of love cannot […]

Curiosity ...

When I resigned from my job over a year ago, one thing that struck me was how few people were curious about my process, my learning, my sense of conviction that led to my resignation. It was a rare person who asked me a question that stemmed from a desire to understand me. What have […]

Fear ...

"When fear, rather than love, compels us, we do really terrible things to other people." (Shane Claiborne) Think about our world right now. Doesn't fear feel like the primary emotion in the atmosphere? Fear + hatred. With these as the driving forces, really terrible things are being done. Everywhere we look. Fear + hatred = […]

Shop on behalf of your neighbor ...

As a little girl, I lived on the East side of our town, which, like many cities, is divided by a river. Our side of town, in the late 60's and early 70's, was considered the rough side, the more dangerous side. We were, and still are, a city divided by race. My folks chose […]

The greatest gift I have to offer ...

There are certain writers I read again and again. Their wisdom never grows old, it simply shifts in impact as I flow through the phases of my own life. One of the most revisited is the late Henri Nouwen, arguably one of the greatest spiritual writers of my lifetime. I re-read his beautiful book "Life […]

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alice at dawn alice shirey blog
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