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Fear ...

"When fear, rather than love, compels us, we do really terrible things to other people." (Shane Claiborne) Think about our world right now. Doesn't fear feel like the primary emotion in the atmosphere? Fear + hatred. With these as the driving forces, really terrible things are being done. Everywhere we look. Fear + hatred = […]

Shop on behalf of your neighbor ...

As a little girl, I lived on the East side of our town, which, like many cities, is divided by a river. Our side of town, in the late 60's and early 70's, was considered the rough side, the more dangerous side. We were, and still are, a city divided by race. My folks chose […]

The greatest gift I have to offer ...

There are certain writers I read again and again. Their wisdom never grows old, it simply shifts in impact as I flow through the phases of my own life. One of the most revisited is the late Henri Nouwen, arguably one of the greatest spiritual writers of my lifetime. I re-read his beautiful book "Life […]

Honesty ...

I have had some very honest conversations with a few dear friends recently. These conversations are game-changers. Not because there is any advice offered. No quick-fix suggestions. No "I used to struggle with the same thing, but then I found a perfect answer" nonsense. Nope. Just deep listening. Gentle curiosity. Simple questions asked only for […]

If the way we read the Bible leads us to hate ...

Once again my favorite Irish poet for the win for thought-provoking statement of the day. Oh, did I tell you Padraig O'Tuama is gay? No? That's because ... who cares if he is? Here's what he said in my reading this morning: The suspicion I have is that if the way you read the [biblical] […]

It's not God's design ...

I recently officiated the wedding of two of the most kind, compassionate, Christ-following young women I know. The wedding was holy, filled with love and laughter. The entire event had a profound impact on all of us who were there. The love these women share is contagious!! The argument I often hear against same-sex relationships […]

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