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Beauty sickness and health ...

In my continued attempt to more deeply understand our society's investment in beauty sickness, I asked my good friend Lisa Woodruff, who actually knows the science behind nutrition, to answer a burning question:  Is it possible to pursue a healthy lifestyle while also calling out beauty sickness? Here's Lisa's answer! Yes – but we must remember […]

Our new national religion ...

It appears political affiiliation is our nation's new "religion." To the donkey or the elephant we pledge our deepest obedience. And this new "religion" makes demands on its adherents; demands to land on one side or the other of the most contentious, complex issues of our day. Are you conservative or liberal? Are you pro-choice […]

To be a part of the church ...

To be a part of any human organization is hard. Know why? Because humans are hard, including our very own human selves. And it feels like human interaction and connection has become increasingly hard over the last 5-10 years. Polarization. Demonization of "the other." An inability or unwillingness to listen to views different from our […]

These are the men ... colleagues and friends

These are the men ... colleagues and friends, who see women as teammates, equals and partners in the world. These are the men who never take credit for her ideas, who always ask her opinion, who happily get the coffee, take the notes or bring snacks to the meeting. These are the men who tell […]

How his comment made me feel ...

A strong and fierce friend of mine told me this story today. I asked if she would write it out so I could share it with all of you. I am confident every woman who reads it can relate. A safe place made unsafe by the crudest of comments. A comment on a stranger's body. […]

We are still so tired ...

Taking a little break from writing about women and men today to address what I am feeling these days ... Fatigue. That's what I am feeling. And I shouldn't be tired, that's what's so weird to me. We survived this pandemic just fine. Enough food. Health insurance. Safe jobs. Freedom to work from home. We […]

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alice at dawn alice shirey blog
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