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God's wholehearted love ...

I love listening to broken people talk about God. There is no moralizing, no pontificating, no fake humility about how they are just so blessed. Just. So. Blessed. Give me a good alcoholic who has to try every day to stay on the wagon, give me someone who has had their heart broken once or […]

It's not God's design ...

I recently officiated the wedding of two of the most kind, compassionate, Christ-following young women I know. The wedding was holy, filled with love and laughter. The entire event had a profound impact on all of us who were there. The love these women share is contagious!! The argument I often hear against same-sex relationships […]

Jesus broke the rules ...

When I mow the lawn, I think. Sometimes this is good. Sometimes it is boring. Sometimes I am fascinated by what my mind drifts toward. Today, this is what I pondered: Jesus often "broke the rules" in order to heal or love a person. For instance, He broke the Sabbath laws in order to heal […]

Jesus stood on the side of the left out ...

Jesus always stood on the side of the marginalized, the left out, the ones the religious elite labeled as "unclean," even outside of God's love. At what point in history did Christians start to believe that we should do otherwise? (Alice Shirey)

Come to him poor and helpless ...

"If we know how great is the love of Jesus for us we will never be afraid to go to Him in all our poverty, all our weakness, all our spiritual wretchedness, and infirmity. Indeed, when we understand the true nature of his love for us, we will prefer to come to Him poor and […]

To fill our emptiness ...

"I believe he [Jesus] says it to all of us: to feed his sheep, his lambs, to be sure, but first to let him feed us - to let him feed us with something of himself. In the sip of wine and crumb of bread. In the dance of sun and water and sky. In […]

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alice at dawn alice shirey blog
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