My dad turned 80 on February 17.

In a note to all of his kids and grand-kids he offered these little nuggets of wisdom:

1. Always be confident in your ability ... you have been given extraordinary gifts; make the most of them

2. Don't let your age or TV heroes define you 

3. Every day, sweat, meditate (pray), and be out of breath ... (in any order)

4. Be nice to yourself, your spouse, your children and at least one other person, or several if time and circumstances allow

5. Don't wish away any Wednesday or Thursday or any day or any part of any day 

6. Laugh until you cry every time you get a chance ... the human condition is hilarious!

7. Set goals that motivate you to stretch yourself and increase your fund of knowledge 

8. Accept the fact that you will become your parents, so adopt their best qualities, of which there are many

9. Use the time that you would spend in worry working to solve the problem that is causing the worry

10. Be happy, be grateful, try to be humble and write or call (text/tweet) your Mom and Dad

My dad is one of the most fun, full of life and wise people I know.

Thought you might enjoy some of these this weekend.

PS. #5 is my favorite!