I still think that one of humanity's greatest flaws (and of course, my own)

is our inability to comprehend,

or even imagine,

the sheer goodness of God.

Because we cannot comprehend God's goodness,

we live out of a pardigm that can be 

incredibly destructive.

William Law said,

"If your concept of God is radically false,

the more devoted you are (to that God),

the worse off you will be."

Do you get that?

Take the radically false view that God

is angry,

or disappointed,

or just plain ticked off,

and then add deep human devotion to this flawed view of God,

and you have a pretty good understanding of why religious folks

often kill others ... in the name of God.

And just because most modern day Christians aren't known for killing others,

don't think we are off the hook -

Christian hatred,



and just simple mean-spiritedness

are rampant.

What if we started, instead,

to believe afresh in the 





What if we devoted ourselves to that good God?

I love how Brian McLaren puts it:

"I believe that God is good.

No thought I have ever had of God is better than God actually is.

True, my thoughts - including any assumptions about what 'good' means -

are always more or less inaccurate, limited, and unworthy,

but I am still confident of this:

I have never overestimated how good God is

because God's goodness overflows far beyond the limits

of human understanding."

Ponder today the incredible, unimaginable, unlimited




Live in that goodness.