Awkward teaching story #3:

I was teaching in the gym in our church, on stage, doing what I do, saying what I say, when all of a sudden the room went dark.

I was at the height of what I thought was a really important point. Probably something about Jesus.

Right after the dark descended, strobe lights started up. This is the God's honest truth.

So, I am up front, 500 people watching and listening to me, and the lights go off and strobe lights start.

I have a millisecond to decide what to do. Once the decision is made, I must go all in.

So I start to moonwalk, as any self-respecting, 50-something, white female preacher does. Michael Jackson had nothing on me.

Once I had exhausted my skills there, I decided to do the wave ... you know the thing where your arms kind of flow up and down like ... well, a wave.

As quickly as it started, the strobe light stops, the lights come back on and there I stand. Fairly impressed with myself.

As I came back to reality and realized I was not a pop star, I had to find my place again in this sermon I was preaching. So, I told the congregation that since I was at a high point when the strobe lights started, I was going to back up in the teaching and build up to the big moment again.

I honestly remember nothing about the sermon (nor did the congregation, I am sure!) but man, did we have a chuckle together after the service.

Three embarrassing moments from my life as a preacher:

#1 - No matter what, never tie rubber bands around your armpits if you want to use your arms.

#2 - Don't wear yesterday's jeans. You never know what might be hiding in them.

#3 - When God gives you strobe lights and a stage, just dance!