I posted this a year ago ... posting again because, well, politicians.

I don't often make religious claims with absolute certainty.

Not my style.

But I am gonna' do it right here, right now.

After studying the life of Jesus in the Gospels for the last 40 years,

I can state with absolute certainty

that Jesus would never, ever, ever,

single out

transgender children,

or their parents,

for humiliation, oppression, and hurtful, harmful regulations

that put the lives of those children

at risk.

Full stop.

The end.

He would pull these beautiful humans into his lap,

wrap his arms around them,

and whisper,

"Shhh … it's gonna' be alright. I got you. I got you. I got you."

And he would look in the pained eyes of their parents and say,

"I know … I see your pain. I see your fear. I see your great love, too.

I knew I could trust you to protect your baby. Your child is more precious to me than you can imagine."

My favorite Presbyterian writer, Frederik Buechner, said,

"If you want to be holy, be kind."

Let's start there.