Ridiculous preaching story #2:

We had our small group over one Saturday night before I was scheduled to preach the next morning.

We had a great time and everyone left a little on the late side.

So, I stripped off my clothes and fell into bed exhausted. The next morning, I decided to pull on the pair of jeans from the previous night. Fresh undergarments, of course.

I headed into church ready to go. After I got my microphone situated and everything organized with the production team, I made a preemptive trip to the ladies room.

As I was walking through the lobby area filled with congregants, I felt something (a mouse? a BUG?) kind of snaking its way down the leg of my pants.

Horrified at what this thing might be, I stomped my foot a little, and lo and behold ... Do you know what fell out from the bottom of my pants onto the church lobby floor filled with people waiting to hear me preach?

My undies from the night before!!!!!!!!

Yes, friends. In my rush to get out the door that Sunday morning, I pulled on my jeans and forget to pull out the undies that were tucked in there from the night before.

They fell out. On the floor. Filled with people. At church.

I made a swift grab as if it were no big deal and removed said undies to my desk drawer.

I died thinking about what I would have done if the "great undies scandal" had occurred on-stage while I was teaching, rather than during the pre-service scramble.

Lord, have mercy.

I ended up telling the entire production team what happened because they are my friends.

They've never looked at me the same.

There you go ... always check your preaching pants for yesterday's undies, friends.

A lesson from my life.