We had a big snow last night.

So big that we had no power for most of the morning ...

Aside from being cold, I was amazed at how much 

reading I could get in when there was literally

nothing else for me to do.

I came across this gem

from a Wendell Berry novel:

"I feel that I have lived on the edge even of my own life.

I have made plans enough,

but I see now that I have never lived by the plan.

Any more than if I had been a bystander watching me live my life,

I don't feel that I ever have been quite sure what was going on.

Nearly everything that has happened to me has happened by surprise.

All the important things have happened by surprise ...

And so when I have thought I was in my story or in charge of it,

I really have only been on the edge of it,

carried along.

Is this because we are in an eternal story

that is happening

partly in time?"

Does this feel like truth to anyone but me?

I think the main thing is not necessarily to plan your life,

but simply to be awake and aware 

so that when all the surprises come along,

we don't miss them.

And we don't let all our planning get in the way.

Happy snow day.