Just this today ... a little gift from a brilliant writer ...

Just as some of Jesus’ first-century followers could not credit the presence of the risen Christ,

so our own blindness, habit, and fear form a kind of constant fog that keeps us from seeing, and thereby believing in, the forms that grace takes in our everyday lives.

We may think that it would be a great deal easier to believe if the world erupted around us, if some savior came down and offered as evidence the bloody scars in his side, but what the Gospels suggest is that this is not only wishful thinking but willful blindness ... 

... for in fact the world is erupting around us,

Christ is very often offering us the scars in his side.

What we call doubt is often simply dullness of mind and spirit, not the absence of faith at all,

but faith latent in the lives we are not quite living,

God dormant in the world to which we are not quite giving our best selves.

(Christian Wiman - My Bright Abyss)