This morning at our staff meeting we will be answering the question, “How do you keep Christ in Christmas?”

Now, that is a good question - don’t get me wrong.

But I wonder sometimes if the main character in that question (you) is wrong.

I wonder sometimes if the better question is, “How do you pay attention to Christ during Christmas?”

Because Christ doesn’t go anywhere.

And I certainly don’t have the power to move him in or out of my experience.

He is always there.

He is always here.

I am the one who goes wandering …

So says St. Theophan the Recluse: (I wish that was my name …)

“Everywhere and always God is with us, near to us and in us.

But we are not always with God, since we do not remember God …

Take upon yourself this task – to make a habit of such recollection.

Make yourself a rule always to be with the Lord, keeping your mind in your heart, and do not let your thoughts wander;

as often as they stray, turn them back again and keep them at home in the closet of your heart,

and delight in converse with the Lord.”

How are you going to pay attention to Christ this Christmas?

It may be simpler than you think …