These are the men …

The men who are over the moon to become fathers to little girls.

Who play rough and tumble, but also hold close.

Who teach their girls to be brave, as well as beautiful.

To be courageous, as well as gentle.

To be assertive and kind.

These are the men who are as comfortable with ballet as they are with basketball.

These are the men who coach their girls to fail without feeling like failures.

And who teach them to succeed with grace and self-confidence.

These are the men who lean in as their daughters go through puberty, rather than back away.

These are the men who make it their top priority to raise daughters who are comfortable, confident and powerful in their bodies, whatever their shape.

These are the men who model to their sons and their daughters what it looks like to treat women as equals, as colleagues, as friends.

These are the men who use their power to prepare their daughters to soar into the world - unencumbered by body shame or beauty sickness - prepared, full-hearted, and happy to be alive.

Happy to be a girl. Proud to be a woman.

These are the men …