The English poet William Wordsworth said:

"Habit rules the unreflecting soul."

Oooohhhh .... that is good. Brilliant, really.

Think about this in your own life:

When you tell yourself you are too busy to slow down,

too rushed to contemplate life,

to take part of a day, 

or even just a morning

to ponder your ways,

to think about the path you are on

and to reflect on God's movement in your life,

you are basically deciding to become ruled by whatever

habits are currently in place in your life.

Now, this could be quite good ...

(if your habits are good)

or quite scary ...

(if your habits are diminishing and senseless).

And it seems to me that 

for most of us,

our habits could use a re-work

every once in a while.


what might it take

for you to become

not an "unreflecting soul"

ruled by habits,

but a soul of both

beautiful action,

and deep, meaningful