"I count it as an absolute certainty that in paradise,

everyone naps.

A nap is a perfect pleasure

and it's useful too.

It splits the day into two halves,

making each half more manageable and enjoyable.

How much easier it is to work in the morning

if we know we have a nap to look forward to after lunch;

and how much more pleasant the late afternoon and evening become

after a little sleep.

If you know there is a nap to come later in the day,

then you can banish for ever that terrible sense of doom one feels at 9 A.M.

with eight hours of straight toll ahead.

Not only that, but the nap can offer a glimpse 

into a twilight world where

gods play and dreams happen."

(From "How to be idle" by Tom Hodgkinson)

And ... lest you think nappers are wimps.

Here are a few famous nappers from history:

Winston Churchill, Stonewall Jackson, Thomas Edison, JFK, Ronald Reagan, Napoleon Bonaparte, Lyndon Johnson ... just to name a few.

Nap when it works. 

It is a great gift to yourself, and

probably to everyone you interact with!