a little journey through psalm 23: part 4

You spread a table before me

in the face of my greatest fears.

Oh my, isn't that a lovely image?

In the midst of our greatest fears (death, sickness, economic distress?)

our Good Shepherd spreads a table before us.

Reminds me of when I was a little girl

and was home sick from school,

my mom would make a nest for me on our sofa

and would pull the piano bench over next to me,

drape it with a soft towel

and "spread a table before me."

Chicken noodle soup from the can,

white toast spread with real butter,

mandarin oranges or canned peaches.

7-up with a straw.

It felt like a feast because it was served with such love and care.

This is the image, I believe, 

that King David was trying to flesh out for us.

God is like a mom or a dad, a caregiver for us, his sheep.

And when we are scared - deep-down scared - 

God not only protects us, but he feeds us

with the tender love of a mama,

the fierce love of a papa.

When we are scared these days

maybe a little chicken noodle soup

is what's called for?