It was a cold, dreary Saturday morning in January when my dear friend texted me.

"Hey girlie, I have a proposal for you ..."

It was an invitation to travel to Spain with her and 4 of our dearest friends to walk the ancient and beautiful Camino de Santiago.

Over 100 km of walking in a week. In Spain. With friends.

I turned to my husband who knows me all too well and read him the text.

He thought for just one brief moment and said, "You must say yes."

My husband is not overly spontaneous. He is more on the thoughtful side, leaning toward counting the cost before leaping. I lean that way, too.

I don't necessarily love traveling unless I am with my family.

But this ... this invitation felt too glorious to decline.

Within the hour I said yes.

Fast forward several months, miles and miles of training walks, a few blistered and shattered toes and I was all of a sudden on the Camino, surrounded by birdsong and greenery and ancient walls and blue sky and pure, glorious gorgeousness.

My heart was bursting.

My soul was singing.

My joy was barely contained.

And all I could think to myself was:

This is what happens when you say yes.

This is what happens when you say yes.

Alice, this is what happens when you say yes!!

Is there a glorious invitation in your life right now?

What might happen if you say yes?

Why not leap?

Why not?