It is pretty stunning to me when people believe it is ok to publicly question another person's faith.

Of course, I am thinking of certain politicians ... and our president.

It is actually a very ugly thing to do.

Who are we to say?

The world watches and, I believe, finds it repulsive when folks who automatically assume (of course) that their faith is beyond question and "how it is suppsed to be," believe it is ok in the eyes of God to announce that other people may or may not be "true Christians" based on a checklist of their own choosing.

Of all the human behavior that God appears to chastise most severely in the Scriptures, arrogance, self-righteousness and judgment of neighbor sit pretty high on the list.

Kindess, humility, mercy ... now those are some of God's favorite things.

Politicians or not ... stop the judging.

Speak kindly of others.

Assume that perhaps you are wrong.

Remember the mercy with which God treated, and still treats, you ... 

And then ... out of wisdom ... shut your mouth.