#8 on my Top Ten List of things to do when the world is at war is - Vote Wisely.

This feels like a loaded statement in our deeply divided, polarized, cranky world.

I think it feels that way because it is so important.

More people than we can imagine don't have a chance to make their voices heard in the selection of their leaders.

We do. An absolute privilege.

Take some time over the comings weeks and months and notice what politicians are saying (and doing) about war and about peace.

Who speaks a big, loud, angry game but refuses to fund the US State Department and the important peace-making, peace-keeping work done by ambassadors and diplomats?

Who funds the military, but shortcuts the care of our veterans?

Who focuses on global partnerships in the global efforts to bring peace to war-torn parts of the world?

Who is a student of history; one who remembers that those who do not know it are doomed to repeat it?

War is evil. War destroys human life, human freedom, human thriving.

Sadly, it seems a necessary evil.

When you exercise the most important right you have as a citizen of this still-fledgling democracy, vote for peace if at all possible.

It really matters.