I have tried writing posts the last few weeks,

and have ended up deleting them all.

I use words all the time.

Using words to talk about God

and life

and faith

is what I do.

And then,

usually at the end of a long run of preaching and teaching,

my words dry up.

And I need to be very quiet 

until I get filled back up again,

by the one who is

the Word.

In my life, I am discovering that this need for silence

applies to the written word

as well as the spoken.

So, I just have this for you today.

A little nugget I read yesterday about 

how to raise brilliant children:

"E.O. Wilson, the biologist, says we're drowning in information and starved for wisdom."

Isn't that the truest thing you have ever read?

Add to that this concept from William James,

who said:

"Wisdom is knowing what to overlook,"

and we have some real insight on how to manage

the barrage of words and thought and information

that blows into our lives on a daily basis.

What do you need to begin to overlook in order to be wise?

Where do you go for wisdom, rather than mere information?

How many of the words that you listen to

or read

each day

are just junk food for your mind? Your heart?

Where can you find words that feed your soul?

And, like me,

when do you need to be quiet

and let some well-planned silence

do its

mysterious work?