"It is a moment of light surrounded on all sides by darkness and oblivion.

In the entire history of the universe, let alone in your own history, 

there has never been another just like it and there will never be another just like it again.

It is the point to which all your yesterdays have been leading

since the hour of your birth.

It is the point from which all your tomorrows will proceed

until the hour of your death.

If you were aware of how precious it is,

you could hardly live through it.

Unless you are aware of how precious it is,

you can hardly be said to be living at all.

'This is the day which the Lord has made,'

says Psalm 118.

'Let us rejoice and be glad in it.' (vs. 24)

Or weep and be sad in it for that matter.

The point is to see it for what it is,

because it will be gone before you know it.

If you waste it, it is your life you are wasting.

If you look the other way,

it may be the moment you've been waiting for always

that you are missing.

All the other days have disappeared into darkness and oblivion

or not yet emerged from it.

Today is the only day there is."

(Frederick Buechner)