For the last 2 days, I have found myself in a court room watching jury selection for a double-murder trial  take place.

I was not there for fun. I was part of a group of 75 citizens called in to potentially make up a jury pool for this case.

I was one person away from having to sit in the semi-final pool of 36 from  which the final 14 were selected. Due to the fact that many folks were stricken from the pool for various reasons, we all had to stay in the courtroom until the jury was finally selected and sworn in,  just in case ...

Most of this was boring.

But when the lawyers, both for the defense and for the state, started to question the potential jurors, things got very interesting.

Here is what I noticed:

All of a sudden, people who had grumbled previously about "having" to show up for jury duty, seemed to want to give all the right answers, to please the lawyers, to demonstrate their brilliance, their knowledge of the law, their fair-mindedness ...

It was fascinating to watch people try to describe themselves ... only a few admitted flaws.

Many really liked talking about themselves, telling part of their life story, even describing the organization style of their closet!

But you know what happened in the end?

Not one of the "look at me! look at me!" potential jurors got selected.

Not one of the "I would never be biased one way or another" people got selected.

Not one of the "thank you for asking me a question about ME!" people got selected.

The final 14 -- those selected to provide justice in this case -- were the quiet ones, the humble ones, the ones who answered questions honestly, who said things like, "sometimes my mind wanders ..." or "sometimes I don't make good decisions" or even (God forbid!!) "I don't know."

It all seemed very biblical to me ...

"Those who exalt themselves will be humbled. And those who humble themselves will be exalted."  (Jesus)

I was pleased for both sides when I walked out of the courtroom yesterday free of jury duty ... I believe justice will be served.

The right people - the humble, the honest, the real - got selected.

Godspeed to them!