A new blog site! Facebook and Instagram pages! An invitation to friends to follow me and read what I write!

Exciting, new stuff ...

And the first thing I find myself thinking is:

"I better write some knock-their-socks-off entries right away so my readers think it is worth their time to read my thoughts!"

"I better really step it up."

Which - for me - is code for absolute paralysis. Writer's block of epic proportions. Those voices in my head will cut off any authentic, honest, truthful writing. This kind of self-generated pressure to be something or someone I am not in order to impress is the polar opposite of what I want to be about.

So right from the start I want to say: Sorry, friends!

All that exists underneath my new, shiny site ... is me, Alice.

Maybe Alice at Dawn yea, but mostly just Alice.

I still have questions about life, about faith, about love and family and work and what matters. I doubt myself, a lot. In fact, I doubt a lot of things, a lot. I have neurotic worries, I lose sleep over the dumbest things, I waste too much time, I get tired, I have bad habits.

But I also love to learn, love to read, love to share new ideas and thoughts and questions with any who will listen. I love a good poem, a quote or turn of phrase, a great book recommendation. I love to write about the mundane experiences of my life because I have come to learn that there are nuggets of pure goodness and wisdom in the everyday moments of life.

So, I am simply going to write what I feel like writing, from my heart, from my soul, from my life.

I hope you'll share a cup of coffee with me every once in awhile.

Just you. Just me.

Just us.

Making our way, honestly ... together.