I am curious about your morning routine.

The past year or so has really messed with my mornings and I am in a process of discerning how to start my day with equanimity and calm.

I have decided I need a few things.

Here are the simple components for what I would call a good morning:

  • I need to get up early. I like the dawn
  • I need to start the morning with peace, rather than alarm or panic
  • I need to become awake to, and aware of, God
  • I need some exercise
  • I need to connect with my husband
  • I need coffee

How I am ordering these simple needs is still in play.

But it feels like forward progress to name the pieces and to write them down and to begin to bring my mornings into some kind of gently held sense of order.

What does a "good morning" look like for you?

No wrong answers!