The images don't stop - empty strollers, weeping grandmothers, teenagers with guns willing to defend their country against one of the world's top military machines.

The suffering is unimaginable and heartbreaking.

I created my own Top Ten List of things I can do when the world is at war in order to cope with the paralysis and angst these out-of-my-control upheavals create.

#2 - Find a Way To Give.

The options are endless and confusing:

To whom should we give?

Is it a reputable charity?

Will the money go where we want it to go?

Like the world of news, disinformation abounds about charities and it is easy to become cynical.

However, there are helpers out there!

Here is one article that has guided me.

Another charity I have fallen in love with is World Central Kitchen. They have served over a million meals to hungry, cold, scared people since the start of the Russian incursion into Ukraine.

Other classics come to mind: The Red Cross, World Vision, UNICEF and a lesser known group, Together Rising.

Before you give, perhaps check with Charity Navigator to vet your charity of choice.

And give what you can, rather than worry about what you can't. Every penny helps.

If you can give $5, do it. If you can give $500, do it. If you need to save a little in order to give next month, do it.

Our collective giving can change the world.

At the same time it can ease our anxious souls and help us feel like we are part of the solution, rather than onlookers.

There is a story in the New Testament gospel of Luke where John the Baptist starts to preach and teach about the coming judgment of God in his rough and blustery way. The people listening are a tad panicked by this locust-eating, sackcloth-wearing prophet who is systematically ripping away the religious things they count on to make them right with God.

They ask him nervously: What shall we do then?

John says, Whoever has two tunics is to share with him who has none, and whoever has food is to do likewise.

This is how we show a proper kind of repentance in the world, John teaches.

I have always secretly liked John's brusque manner. He cuts right to the chase and pretty much "bottom lines" the heart of God.

Don't think there is some religious trick to it all. Just give away what you have and share it with those who are struggling.

Give your stuff away to those who need it more than you.