After posting a list of questions I've been pondering the past few weeks since Russia brutally invaded Ukraine, I made my own Top Ten List of things I can do during this anxiety-provoking time.

This is my advice to myself, so listen in if you are interested.

#1 - Choose Your News

The temptation to doom-scroll (one word or two?) is real during moments of crisis.

It never helps. It is simply angst-provoked distraction masquerading as action.

At the same time - to put it mildly - disinformation abounds! Many, many news sources are so biased it is hard to discern fact from fiction.

So, choose your news.

Choose your source.

Choose the amount you will ingest. Less really is more in this instance.

Choose the time you will ingest said news. Perhaps tuning in as you drift off to sleep is unwise?

I am sure there are multiple lists of what are considered unbiased news sources and it is dangerous to even attempt to cite some here. But hey! its's my blog and I can do what I want, right?

I would consider these options:

The Associated Press (AP)

The Wall Street Journal



A couple others - The Christian Science Monitor, The Economist, Pew Research

Just my two cents.

As we watch folks in Russia get fed a bunch of state-sponsored lies about this invasion and as the Russian government clamps down on other sources of news in order to control the minds of their people it feels more important than ever that we work harder than ever to find and attend to the most unbiased news sources we can.

And if all else fails, turn it all off.

Go outside. Talk to a neighbor. Sit in the sun. Pet a dog. Plant a flower.

But when you do choose your news, choose wisely.