I read this Christian "call to worship" today ...

and wept a little with sadness for our world,

but hope for what the church could be and do if we turned back to the simple, radical message of Jesus.

In a culture built on 'us and them,' where we are all right and they are all wrong, we gather in the humility of our shared humanity, as flawed but fellow image-bearers of our Creator.

In a culture that objectifies and uses women, we gather once again to celebrate the image of God powerfully reflected in women, and humbly learn from their wisdom and strength.

In a culture built on competition and constant comparisons, we seek to get swept up in God's Kingdom of equality and dignity for all.

In a culture trying to conquer the world with bravado and brute force, we choose to trust Jesus Christ when he said that the meek will inherit the earth.

Our world offers us a Story based on greed, lies, injustice, power and exploitation, and we reject this Story in the name of Christ.

 Oh if our churches could remember the Story of Jesus ... a story of hope, grace, joy, compassion, healing, hilarious generosity and goodness.

If ever there was a time when the world needed the church to remember the true Story of Jesus, this is it.

This. Is. It.