"Everything depends on how we read, on how we enter the magic circle of a text's meaning; on how we smuggle ourselves into its words, and all the texture of a text to weave its web around us."

(Michael Fishbaine)

May you enter the magic circle of today's Psalm, smuggle yourself into its words and allow the texture of this text to weave its web around you.

Psalm 3*

But you are the Holy One, a shield that surrounds me completely,

source of my glory, the one who raises my head.

Prayer Prompts: Where do you need God's protection? What are you fearful of? In what ways can you picture God wrapping a shield of protection around you? What might today look like if you trust that God's shield of love and courage surrounds you completely? Tell God these things. Ask God for protection.

In what ways are you hanging your head? In shame or grief or loss? From weariness or sickness or boredom? Tell God about this. And then ask God to be the One who raises your head. Watch for God's action today: Do you see little glimpses of grace? Sense God's love and compassion?

Pray: Oh God, my head is weary and low. Please be the lifter of my head today. Thank you in advance. AMEN.

When my voice cries out to you,

you answer from your holy mountain.

Pray: God, sometimes I don't believe prayer is even a thing. I feel like I am heaving my pain out into the darkness and there is nothing, no one there. But you tell me that you hear and answer, even in your holy otherness. Even when I don't believe it. Even when I cannot hear or see your answer. Today, that is what I am going to put my trust in, ok? I can't promise I will do that tomorrow. But for today, I am going to trust that you are here and that you hear my cries and that you - in some mysterious way - answer. AMEN

*All excerpts taken from The Complete Psalms: The Book of Prayer Songs in a New Translation by Pamela Greenberg.