It appears political affiiliation is our nation's new "religion."

To the donkey or the elephant we pledge our deepest obedience.

And this new "religion" makes demands on its adherents; demands to land on one side or the other of the most contentious, complex issues of our day.

Are you conservative or liberal?

Are you pro-choice or pro-life?

Are you for or against gay marriage?

Are you for Black or Blue Lives Matter?

Are you for open borders or for a wall?

On and on and on the list goes ...

Many of these are - in the end - false choices.

Yet, the political media on both sides love to force us to choose as it keeps viewers engaged and enraged.

What if Christians refused to bow the knee to this national political religion?

Refused to go along with either right or left-wing media outlets and their advertisers?

Simply refused to choose a side?

Refused labels, refused to be boxed in, refused to over-simplify complicated issues?

We could instead be discerning about political parties and look for what is good and helpful in both platforms, rather than demonizing one side or another.

We could be pro-human ... rather than placing issues or policies above real, hurting, helpless women and men.

We could seek to understand and engage the call to racial justice at the same time we honor those who risk their lives to keep others safe.

We could strive to learn about the issues that drive people to risk life and limb to flee their homeland, while at the same time urging our elected officials to enact sane, compassionate immigration policies.

What if Christians - rather than joining in the divisive, dehumanizing liturgy of political religion that is ripping this nation apart -  rediscovered the winsome ways of Jesus?

I can't stop asking myself this question.