I love to read broadly.

On the weekend, I read both the Wall Street Journal 

and the New York Times.

I read conservative theologians,

and progressive ones.

Same with listening ...

I love to listen to traditional teachers and preachers

as well as edgy, progressive thinkers.

I love to listen to bright, thoughtful people

who can engage in debate

with those who think differently from themselves 

without demonizing "the other."

Here's why:

If all I ever do is read or listen to people who

think just like I do,

my circle of knowledge, belief, understanding

of God, the world, and myself

never grows.

In fact, I believe it contracts.

How can this be good?

Especially when there is so much to know and understand?

Especially when Jesus tells me that I am to love God 

with all my mind?

I was thinking the other day

as I was listening to the podcast of poet/philosopher

David Whyte,

that I have a circle of knowledge -

a circumscribed radius of thought -

that I always want to be expanding outward.

The only way this can happen is if I

am willing to be exposed to ideas, concepts, and truths

that challenge the edges of my circle.

The center holds; it is staked on

God through Christ.

But the edges,

O the beautiful, mysterious edges ...

may I always be curious enough,

humble enough,

mischevious enough,

to push and press and prod those edges