I love what Henri Nouwen has to say about calling,

and life choices.

We Western Christians get so caught up in trying to figure out

God's will for our lives ...

who we should marry,

where we should live,

what we should study,

what our career path should be.

All the while, God is saying,

"Here is my will for you:

Love me.

Love your neighbor.

And be grateful and 

filled with joy."

See how Nouwen puts it:

"There is no such thing as the right place,

the right job,

the right calling or ministry.

I can be happy or unhappy in all situations.

I am sure of it, because I have been.

I have felt distraught and joyful in situations of abundance as well as poverty,

in situations of popularity and anonymity,

in situations of success and failure.

The difference was never based on the situation itself,

but always on my state of mind and heart.

When I knew I was walking with God,

I always felt happy and at peace.

When I was entangled in my own complaints and emotional needs,

I always felt restless and divided."

Walk with God, friends ...

and you will be "in his will."