May my mind come alive today

To the invisible geography

That invites me to new frontiers,

To break the dead shell of yesterdays,

To risk being disturbed and changed.

John O'Donahue, To Bless the Space Between Us

I have been pondering new things lately;

new ideas,

new opportunities,

new ways of seeing the world,

new ways of thinking.

It is a bit disturbing to try new things,

but it is also energizing,


and dangerous in a life-giving way.

May each of us push out of the dead shell of our yesterdays,

and into new frontiers.

And as we do, may our minds - our addicted, frazzled, distracted minds - come alive in fresh and vibrant ways.

Life is too short to stay asleep.

Life is too short to stay the same.

Life is too short to refuse the constant invitation to fully live.