Friends, do not be confused.

God does not live here, but not there,

in this place, but not that,

in this person's face, but not that person's,

in this holy space, but not that profane one.

Don't be confused.

Poets always say it best:

God is not absent.

He is everywhere in the world we are too dispirited to love ...

All too often the task to which we are called is ...

letting grace wake love from our intense,

self-enclosed sleep.

(Christian Wiman, My Bright Abyss)

Wake up! Wake Up!

Wake up from your intense, self-enclosed sleep!

Step out into the crisp fall air,

look at the sky, the birds, the flowers gently dropping their seeds to the ground.

Look at your neighbor, his unruly hair, his grumpy face.

See the sad man with a shopping cart of worldly possessions.

Look at the lonely child waiting at the bus stop.

Look at anyone you consider "the other."

And when you look, when you see, don't be confused.

God is there ...

God is not absent.

God is everywhere.