As spring rolls in, and the birds start to chirp earlier and earlier each morning, I am reminded of a Stephen Covey quote that always inspired me and my early morning walking friend of over 15 years.

Here it is:

"If we can overcome the pull of the flesh to arise early in the morning -

putting mind over mattress -

we will experience the first victory of the day.

We can then move on to other things.

For by small means are great things accomplished.

Such an early morning victory gives a sense of conquering, of overcoming, of mastering --

and this sense propels us on to further conquer difficulties 

and clear hurdles throughout the day.

Starting the day with a private victory over self is one good way

to break old habits and make new ones."

I so believe this is true.

Except for this morning ... after decades of "having" to awake before dawn, every once in awhile, I find great joy and pleasure in sleeping in.

So, with grace for yourself sometimes, consider rising a tad earlier than normal ... and start your day with a "private victory."