When I mow the lawn, I think.

Sometimes this is good. Sometimes it is boring. Sometimes I am fascinated by what my mind drifts toward.

Today, this is what I pondered:

Jesus often "broke the rules" in order to heal or love a person.

For instance,

He broke the Sabbath laws in order to heal a man with a withered hand.

He broke the purity laws in order to touch and heal a woman bleeding for 12 years.

He broke other purity laws to touch and heal a leper.

He broke laws about stoning adulterers in order to save a woman and demonstrate to those who judged her that all of us deserve a good stoning.

He broke ceremonial laws to eat with and love sinners.

He did this stuff all the time, much to the chagrin of the religious leaders.

If Jesus broke rules to love people, why do many of his followers think it is our job to love rules and break people?

I think this is a good question to ponder …

I hope you will ponder with me,

whether you are mowing your lawn,

or not.